my work dissects the dichotomy between zombie statements and concrete nouns....
It is clear that the world is purely parodic, in other words, that each thing seen is the parody of another, or is the same thing in a deceptive form.

Ever since sentences started to circulate in brains devoted to reflection, an effort at total identification has been made, because with the aid of a copula each sentence ties one thing to another; all things would be visibly connected if one could discover at a single glance and in its totality the tracings of Ariadne’s thread leading thought into its own labyrinth.

Georges Bataille in The Solar Anus 1931

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Jan Verwoert

'Animist practices, while creating hyper-awareness, are equally characterized by a surreal form of sheer practicality.'

'A short manual for a snake dance.'
Kropotkin's most famous book, Mutual Aid, maintains that cooperation within a species has been an historical factor in the development of social institutions, and in fact, that the avoidance of competition greatly increases the chances of survival and raises the quality of life
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